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The Abba Eban Institute

During the Israel-Hamas War

As soon as the Israel-Hamas war broke out on October 7th, the Abba Eban Institute quickly mobilized, adapting its regular operations in response to the unfolding situation. Our senior team members were particularly instrumental in providing targeted analysis and advice to policymakers on specific issues where our expertise was needed most, aiding in a better understanding of the strategic landscape.


The Israel Story Fellowship, provided by the Abba Eban Institute, was shown to be critically effective following the distressing events of October 7th. Several graduates found themselves in roles they had never anticipated yet were fully prepared to handle. A few, who completed the program just three months prior to the hostilities, found themselves on the front lines, treating the wounded or seeking shelter.

Reluctantly positioned at the epicenter of the terrorist attacks, our fellows applied their new skills to inform and share their stories, roles they would normally have avoided. Despite these challenging conditions, their training and determination enabled them to offer invaluable insights and share their stories with media outlets worldwide, underscoring the significant impact of the Israel Story Fellowship.

This diverse group of fellows from across Israel was equipped with essential messaging and storytelling techniques, becoming a key asset in the contemporary field of public diplomacy.

Viewers of CNN, Fox News, and other news channels may have already seen our first cohort of fellows on screen during the conflict.

For further information about the Israel Story Fellowship, please visit:

Act-IL Special Situation Room - Combatting Antisemitism Online

In cooperation with Reichman University’s online activism initiative, Act-IL, the Abba Eban Institute launched a special Situation Room, taking an active role in enhancing Israel’s public diplomacy efforts. This initiative, involving the Institute’s team alongside dedicated students, volunteers, and senior faculty, focused on addressing the critical issues of antisemitism, misinformation and terrorist propaganda spread online. Through this concerted effort, we succeeded in reaching and engaging millions globally, offering original, credible content that effectively counters terrorist and antisemitic narratives.

Initially engaging North American audiences, our efforts soon extended to include European audiences as well, thanks to the collective work of our entire team, supported by the newly formed European desk. This expansion allowed us to provide tailored, impactful content suited to each region’s specific needs – a challenge that still remains.

Act-IL Special Situation Room - Combatting Antisemitism Online

The Arena Magazine

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7th 2023, The Arena Magazine has shifted its focus to curating content that deeply explores the conflict’s geopolitical and regional implications. The Arena Magazine modified its publication schedule, temporarily setting aside articles that were queued for release, and launched a series of new, timely, articles that captures the essence of the current geopolitical upheaval.

Our curated content offers a comprehensive view, examining the situation through a blend of Israeli and international perspectives, thus injecting new thinking, and offering our readers with a nuanced, insightful analysis.

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