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The Arena: Diplomacy and Foreign Relations Magazine

The only platform in Israel for comprehensive, deep yet accessible discussions and analysis of all matters relating to diplomacy and foreign relations

Oded Raanan

Oded Raanan

Editor-in-chief, Head of Program

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Our Mission Statement and method of operation

A leading forum for in-depth, nonpartisan, and multidisciplinary discussions on foreign affairs and Innovative Diplomacy in Israel and abroad, held with and among decision makers, influencers, academics, media and legal experts and the general public.

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Shaping the discourse around diplomacy and foreign affairs in Israel and abroad and discussing the crucial role of diplomacy in advancing national security interests


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Focus Areas

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Serving as a leading world hub for diplomatic and foreign affairs discussions in and outside of Israel

Education and decision making

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Promoting high-quality, independent research on international affairs and Israel-related diplomacy



Main Projects

“The Arena” Magazine

Published in both Hebrew and English, the Institute’s diplomacy and foreign relations magazine strives to lead the professional and public discussion on all matters relating to diplomacy and foreign relations through in-depth analysis, topical essays, and a diverse range of op-ed articles penned by international and Israeli experts.


"The Arena" is dedicated to fostering a serious and open discussion on foreign relations and Innovative Diplomacy. Articles from The Arena have been featured in leading publications such as TheMarker, Globes, The Algemiener, and others.


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The Arena Diplomatic Forum

An exclusive, high-level, professional series of periodic professional meetings for members of the diplomatic and geopolitical ecosystem. Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of diplomacy and foreign affairs, with guest speakers from leading academic institutes around the world who present their work and engage with Israeli experts in a small, personal setting.


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Special Coverage: U.S. Elections 2020

Towards the 2020 Presidential Elections, we launched our special coverage that focuses on the key issues, the potential constitutional crisis that might follow, the swing states, world reactions and the impact of this year’s elections on U.S.-Israel relations. With the best writers we provide key information, unique insights and comprehensive coverage on the elections that influence the entire world.

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The Arena Podcast

The podcast continues the conversation around important topics discussed on The Arena, such as the Israel-US relations, Israel-Russia relations, the US midterm elections, Brexit, and more.


Recorded at the Reichman University radio studios, The Arena podcast hosts special guests that include senior diplomats and security officials, academics, and prominent media personalities.


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Eyes Towards Asia: Back to the future

This unique collaboration between The Arena Magazine and the Israel-Asia policy program is focused on international relations during and following the Corona outbreak, asking what we can learn from Asia as it is recovering from COVID-19.


The project provides a rare view at Asian societies as the countries in the region, which were the first to be affected by COVID-19, began to recover.


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2018 Midterms: Elections in the Shadow of Trump

This project from October-November 2018, set out to examine who will emerge as the big winner of the 2018 midterm elections and how the will result affect US-Israel relations, offered Israeli readers commentary, covered important races and more.


To learn more visit:

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