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Our Interns 

Our interns come from all over the world - whether they study in our academic home - Reichman University - or from elite universities in the United States. We try to give our interns the best tools and understanding of diplomacy to advance them in their future careers and provide them with hands-on experience and close mentorship alongside practical workshops from our Diplomatic Toolbox curriculum throughout the year. We wanted you to hear directly from them about their internship experience and as  you can see, they all have unique take-aways.  Here is what they had to say:

Our Interns

“I began my internship for the Abba Eban Institute in late 2018. Due to my interests and aptitude, I was placed on the Diplomacy 2030 team supervised by Lea Landman. As the name implies, the Diplomacy 2030 team engaged in cutting edge diplomacy research. Under Lea’s guidance, I, as part of a small team, conducted research into possible future avenues for diplomacy. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to aid in the planning and execution of the Innovative Diplomacy conference. This conference exposed us to even more novel and interesting research into the future of the field of diplomacy.

As a direct result of this internship, I improved my abilities as a researcher, learned how to work as part of a team, and delved deeper into the field of diplomacy. Because of the research I conducted as an intern, I was able to identify a research question on which I am currently writing a thesis.”

Gabriel Mayer-Heft, MA Government

"During my second year at Reichman University, I had the opportunity to intern at The Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations. Besides the many research tools I acquired, the most important thing I learned and took from my year at the institute is the ability to be creative from finding titles for conferences' slots to adapting the topic of research to public discourse.

My favorite part at the internship is knowing that the materials I worked on not only enrich existing knowledge but also translate into practical and applicable tools.

The internship at the Abba Eban Institute does not end by the end of the school year. The people whom you work with continue to guide you, maintain work connections, or even drink coffee together far after the program ends.”

Lior Khayat, BA Government

Our Interns
Our Interns

“My favorite part of the internship is feeling like an integral part of the team and missions, and knowing my work in the internship helps the institute become better. I also enjoyed the work itself and gained knowledge of how wide and dynamic diplomatic work is. I learned a lot from the people I worked with, from the atmosphere in the institute, and from the tasks i was given, I learned to be more creative in my thoughts and expand my future goals to new areas I did not think of before, such as strategy building, writing and editing.”

Eleanor Cohen, BA Government and Sustainability 

Israel Through the eyes of The Abba Eban Institute Interns

See what our summer interns from abroad learned about Israel during their time with us, in this fun series they created themselves:

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