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Act-IL Initiative

Act-IL leads an online community that acts on social media platforms, fighting antisemitism and positively influencing the narrative regarding Israel.


Raffi Shamir

Acting Manager of Act-IL


Jonathan Tal

Community and Programs Manager at Act-IL


Act-IL’s Mission and method of operation 

Israel’s supporters form a close-knit community with the power to change the world. Act-IL harnesses the power of communities through a revolutionary method and technological platform that drive global influence and transformation.

Act-IL locates the most effective and efficient ways for its community to engage in activism and fight anti-Israel bias, and uses crowdsourcing in a systematic and sophisticated way, for the first time in the history of pro-Israel activism.


Act-IL provides simple daily missions that include reporting incitement, creating and sharing content, initiating and signing petitions, taking part in dedicated online campaigns, and more. With over 26,000 activists from 73 countries who work around the clock, Act-IL is one of the most impactful forces acting in favor of Israel and against antisemitism and the delegitimization of the Jewish state.

Focus Areas

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Monitoring online trends and identifying opportunities to act on, using open-source intelligence solutions, community management techniques, monitoring systems and data analysis capabilities. This information becomes daily missions on the Act-IL app, calling to the community to act on social media by liking, commenting, reporting, sharing, sending an email, etc 

Online Activism

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Building a global online community of volunteers that will act in real-time and engage members on different online platforms.


Check out the Global Community

Community Management

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Educating the next generation of Public Diplomacy in Israel and beyond and instilling the notion that each and every person can and should make a difference

Education and internships


Main Projects

Act-IL's social media campaigns are research-based and tailored to answer the evolving needs of Act-IL. Each campaign is designed to reach specific target audiences, rather than just increase identified exposure. The content for our social media campaigns is crafted in a structured process that takes into account cultural differences, world views, languages, age groups, and more

We Act


Introducing Act-IL, an initiative that builds a community of online activists influencing the international public opinion regarding Israel using diplomatic tools that fit today’s platforms and challenges.

Antisemitism Kills

The disease of antisemitism is spreading to epidemic proportions, and only by working together can it be stopped. It is time to put aside politics, and to call out and fight antisemitism wherever it is found.


The resolution to cancel Haifa's student exchange with Haifa University passed, but fortunately Pitzer President Melvin Potter vetoed it. Support his decision by signing this petition.


Mean Tweets, Survivors Edition

The #NeverAgain campaign is a community initiative, created in response to the extreme rise of antisemitism in America. This platform is used to expose, delegitimize, and neutralize antisemitism nation-wide on social media, our education system, our communities and beyond.


The BDS Organization had been using Live Chats to spread propaganda and further indoctrinate members. Act.IL opened up a situation room to give volunteers and the opportunity to ask BDS leaders important questions and tough challenges. BDS, in response, shut down all unauthorized discussion. In the end, the queries proved too much of a disturbance to these fragile echo chambers, and the live chats were shut down all together.

When Music Won Over Bullying

The UK Pink Floyd Experience just wanted to play and enjoy music. Others chose to make their visit to Israel political, and put massive pressure on the cover band, including death threats. Despite this harassment by BDS and its ilk, the UKPFE chose to come to play in Israel. Israelis, including volunteers, greeted the artists at the airport, showing what music should be about, not politics, but cheers, applause, and enjoyment.

Israel - Extreme Yourself

The campaign invites viewers to see the beautiful and fun side of Israel through extreme sports and travel activities that take place on land, underwater, and up in the air.

United for the Freedom of Speech in the University of Minnesota

Anti-Israel organizations attempted to sabotage the lecture of Prof. Moshe Halbertal at the University of Minnesota. The campaign called on viewers to support the freedom of speech and the state of Israel by signing an open letter to the administration of the university, urging them to take action.

Meet Hamas

In the age of misinformation, this important campaign sheds light on the true nature of terror organization Hamas and informs viewers on its actions against Israeli civilians, as well as its own people.


Main Partners

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