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The Media Operations Department

Utilizing the power of new and traditional media to support the strategic goals of the institute

Raffi Shamir

Raffi Shamir

Head of Media Department

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Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

Media plays a key role in shaping public opinion and global agenda. The Abba Eban Institute considers it a crucial front in the effort towards strengthening Israeli diplomacy, and is focused on forming and promoting a cohesive media strategy.


Our in-house Media Operations team operates in both the Israeli and global arenas and across all forms of traditional and new media, managing three Facebook pages, a Twitter account, and a LinkedIn page.


In addition, we produce various types of content for different platforms, such as videos and infographics. The Institute utilizes cutting edge technology and is active on all online platforms to magnify its reach and influence.

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Putting together a cohesive and agile media strategy and supporting the efforts of our partners at other institute programs in doing so


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Focus Areas

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Researching and developing dedicated tools to simplify and optimize the conduct on social media networks and new media channels


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Making our voice heard all over the world, both on traditional and new media.



Main Projects

Here’s a little bit of what we do

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