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Israel Story Fellowship

The Israel Story Fellowship is designed to cultivate a cadre of authentic Israeli communicators, enabling them to engage effectively with international audiences and share their unique civilian stories. Carefully handpicked, fellows come from diverse walks of life, sectors, and regions across Israel. The first batch of fellows include social activists, lawyers, medical professionals, first responders, social media influencers, and former defense personnel, among others.

About The Fellowship

Our fellows enjoy exclusive access to industry leaders and cutting-edge media technology. Through a series of intense lectures and workshops, they acquire advanced media and presentation skills, and gain deep insights into contemporary societal and political challenges shaping global public opinion, especially in areas of strategic importance for Israel.

The Abba Eban Institute team, in cooperation with high-calibre guest speakers, equips our fellows with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate their unique stories worldwide. Whether engaging through social media or with traditional news outlets, in times of peace or crisis, our fellows are prepared to present an authentic Israeli voice, crucial for a reliable and effective public diplomacy. 

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