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The Diplomacy 2030 Program

Taking Diplomacy from today to tomorrow by creating the tools and methods of Innovative Diplomacy that bring all professionals in the field together

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Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

In the next couple of years, foreign policy - and diplomacy - will focus on supporting countries to navigate the looming economic crisis, the changing geopolitical settings, the economic challenges and opportunities, and the boost to connectivity and digitalization processes.


The program is focused on shifting Israel’s foreign policy and identifying diplomatic opportunities in the dynamic and ever-changing world order.


The program further develops and promotes the concept and practices of Innovative Diplomacy, creating professional tools and best practices for the diplomatic ecosystem to successfully tackle today’s challenges and opportunities.

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Laying a vision for Israeli foreign policy and diplomacy in the year 2030 and advancing a deep, multi-layered reform of the Israeli Foreign Service


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Focus Areas

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Bring to MFA's all over the world with the relevant knowledge, recent developments, best practices and useful information at the core issues of foreign policy and diplomacy, while encouraging them to implement new tools within their day-today diplomatic framework


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Establishing the main hub for knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking in the foreign policy and diplomatic ecosystem

Mobilizing a professional community

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Main Projects

Foreign Policy After 2020:

In the upcoming years, foreign policy and diplomacy will focus on helping countries navigate the looming economic crisis, changing geopolitical settings, economic challenges and opportunities, and the boost in connectivity and digitalization.

The shifting global power balance forces Israel to remain alert, agile and proactive in its approach to diplomatic warfare.


The project is focused on outlining an adapted foreign policy that supports Israel’s national interests, including Israel-US Relations, and makes sure that it is in line with the latest global changes.


A new, future-ready foreign policy is drafted based on new concepts of influence, global trends, and updated bilateral relations.


To learn more visit:

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Changing pardigms for israels foreign se

Changing Paradigm for Israeli Foreign Service

Following a two and a half years of international research of best practices and operational infrastructures, the project offers a new full-scale paradigm for Israel’s foreign service that answers global changes and challenges, national interests and advantages, and the current organizational culture.


This Abba Eban Innovative Model for foreign services, details priority areas and diplomatic infrastructures that help Israel’s foreign service and every Diplomatic Advisor involved in the process to navigate challenges and threats while seizing opportunities in the global arena.


The project’s conclusions form the base for the "New Paradigm For Israel's Foreign Service" Book, which provides practical recommendations for Israel’s diplomatic operations.


To learn more visit:


The project brings together the most relevant knowledge and developments of the dynamic and disrupted diplomatic ecosystem, in order to enable decision makers and practitioners to use that knowledge and advance their goals.


It is the main place to connect with experts and practitioners, catch up on diplomatic developments and relevant innovation, and learn about emerging best practices and trends needed to navigate diplomacy in the 21st century.


This unique online platform harnesses the Abba Eban Institute’s years of research, experience, connections and methodology, in order to provide all necessary tools, knowledge and connections to navigate and rethink the international system at this time of weakened global diplomatic mechanism.

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Innovative Diplomacy - InnoDip


InnoDip, a term that stands for Innovative Diplomacy, the institute’s signature method, is an overarching state of mind aimed to march foreign services forward and meet the digital mindset of the 21st century and the challenges of digital diplomacy.


InnoDip comprises a signature accelerator, active community, and industry award.


• The InnoDip Accelerator creates tailored comprehensive solutions to fit the current and emerging challenges of foreign services around the world, using advanced tools from the technology and diplomacy arenas.


• The InnoDip Award is the first Israeli award celebrating innovation in diplomacy, which is focused on innovative initiatives across the public and private sectors, NGOs, media and academia.


Read more about the Award and the 2019 winners here:


• The InnoDip Community serves as a platform for inspiration and support, where community members can exchange ideas, knowledge, and tools on a global scale.


Read more about the InnoDIp Community at:


Join our Community at:

Digital Mindset

The InnoDip Accelerator bonds diplomacy, technology, and innovation to form a powerful program that combines theory and practice. It is meant for diplomatic officials working at foreign services anywhere in the world, as well as start-ups and tech companies with relevant technology and knowledge.

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