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Toolbox Workshop

A one-of-a-kind training program that give the players on the diplomatic field the best skills they need to better represent Israel.

Dr. Moran Yarchi

Prof. Moran Yarchi

Senior Fellow, Academic Program

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About The Workshop:

At the Abba Eban Institute, we firmly believe that in order to shape diplomatic messages with the power to change the world, it’s important to collaborate with other professionals and provide them with the necessary information and tools.


The Diplomatic Toolbox training program was developed specifically for professionals working in the public, civil and business sectors and enables them to represent the organization they are part of on the one hand, while educating others regarding matters involving the State of Israel on the other.

The program features leading scholars and policy makers who contribute from their vast experience and expertise.


Program participants will examine the complex reality in the area and analyze key practical diplomatic dilemmas and conflicts. They will study the ‘image war’ over public opinion and learn new methods for crafting and distributing effective messages. The program combines theory and practice, offering both academic knowledge and practical experience.

The unique Diplomatic SWIM™ Concept

As part of the Diplomatic Toolbox, the Abba Eban Institute has developed the unique Diplomatic SWIM™ (Speaking, Writing, Interviews, Meetings) concept:


Developing strong communication skills begins with enhancing public speaking abilities and learning how to state your case.


Relevant workshops will focus on the following:

• Public speaking and presentation principals

• Effective debate and speech practices

• Storytelling for predetermined target audiences


Arguing a point requires top-notch writing skills.


Relevant workshops will focus on the following:

• Journalistic writing

• Policy-oriented writing

• Social media writing best practices


Media interviews serve as a powerful way to deliver your message.


Relevant workshops will focus on the following:

• On-camera interviews

• Off-camera interviews

• Creating and delivering a messaging document


Successful meetings play a key role in generating diplomatic influence and shaping international policies.


Relevant workshops will focus on the following:

• Forming a meeting preparation action plan

• Navigating cross-cultural meetings

• Basic negotiation skills

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