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The Academic Program

Educating the future generations of diplomats and related eco-system, by providing deep theoretical understanding alongside practical tools in the field

Dr. Moran Yarchi

Prof. Moran Yarchi

Senior Fellow, Head of the Public Diplomacy Academic Program

Dr. Elad Gil

Dr. Elad Gil

Senior fellow, The Academic Program


Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya is first and foremost an academic institute. The program is focused on educating the future generations of world diplomats and related eco-system, while also harnessing the vast experience, remarkable reputation, advanced tools, and global reach of this distinguished academic home to help the Abba Eban Institute achieve its various goals, both domestically and internationally.

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Providing a comprehensive academic knowledge base for students and scholars to rely on and draw inspiration from

Strong academic foundation


Focus Areas

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Gaining valuable insights directly from the people who create real impact in the world of public diplomacy, while building and expanding students’ professional network

Learning diplomacy from the experts

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In the Abba Eban Institute spirit, the program puts theory and research into practice and provides structured guidance on how to form detailed action plans based on academic knowledge

Hands-on experience


Main Projects

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The Abba Eban Institute collaborates with international organizations and top scholars in researching a wide array of diplomacy-related fields and publishing important papers.
Our distinguished research partners include the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the German Council on Foreign Relations, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and many more...

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Educating for Excellence

The Public Diplomacy Program: This collaboration with the Act.IL program is meant for exceptional students from all schools at Reichman Univesity and provides professional tools for public diplomacy in the 21st Century. The Public Diplomacy Program is focused on training the next generation of public diplomacy professionals by providing them with both theoretical knowledge and practical tools and experience.

The program is based on five main pillars:
1Academia  2 Civil Society  3 Government  4 Business  5 Media 
and offers a rare opportunity to learn from prominent scholars and leading international professionals in these fields. By utilizing content from Government, Communication, Psychology and Marketing, students gain a deep understanding of today’s interdisciplinary diplomatic landscape and learn how to overcome a variety of challenges in the diplomatic and advocacy arenas.

The program invites students to participate in unique domestic and international tours, during which they meet with diplomatic leaders that may include White House officials, Senators, Congress members, State Department officials, AIPAC and WJC members, Israeli ambassadors and delegates, academics, and others.

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Courses and workshops: The Abba Eban Institute offers a variety of academic and practical activities to Reichman University students, both B.A. and M.A., that are focused on a wide range of topics such as diplomacy and cybersecurity, Innovative Diplomacy, Israel’s challenges in the UN, Israel-US relations, foreign service, diplomacy-oriented writing, and more.

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Providing Hands-On Experience

Internship programs: The Abba Eban Institute is able to achieve its ambitious goals thanks to dozens of passionate interns who contribute to the programs and receive training and mentorship by participating in our annual and summer internship programs.
Summer interns come from leading universities and play a vital role in supporting our work at the Institute as they participate in a wide range of critical activities.

The internship programs are focused on promoting students’ involvement in the diplomatic ecosystem by providing information, networking opportunities, financial support and more.

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The annual internship program includes exceptional students from all Reichman University schools as well as international schools, whereas the summer internship program is directed at students from Elite international institutions. In past years, we've had students from Harvard, Columbia, GW, and others.


Participants in the annual internship program receive a comprehensive diplomatic toolbox, participate in professional workshops, and attend dedicated career fairs organized for our students.


For more information, please visit our Internships page.

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Providing Hands-On Experience

The Abba Eban Institute supports and encourages students to participate in and launch diplomacy-related civil initiatives.
We believe that the combination of creative thinking, solid values, and a strong academic and institutional support can make a real difference. Students receive financial aid when needed and are able to harness the Institute’s impactful network to promote their goals.

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