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Israel and the Arab Gulf Program

The leading platform that shapes and supports Israel’s engagement with the Arab Gulf following the Abraham Accords, through innovative ways to make the most of the potential they provide.


Dr. Yossi Mann

Head of Israel and the Arab Gulf Program


Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

The Abraham Accords have opened new and unprecedented opportunities in the regional level and the bilateral relationship between Israel and the Gulf states. However, in order for true peace to blossom it needs to expand beyond the working relations that the governments and security establishments have created.  There are areas that require further development to strengthen the basis for true People-to-People cooperation in multiple fields, including culture, trade and many more.

The Israel – Arab Gulf Program aims to highlight these opportunities and develop the tools, structures and relationships that will help both sides maximize the potential of the Abraham accords. Beyond the joint security interests, the program will identify the areas in which research centers, civil society organizations, academic institutes and private corporations can take the budding relationships and enhance them. The program will help pour new content to the accords and build the foundations upon which the Israel-Gulf relations will grow. 

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