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The Act-IL Internship Program

Act-IL was established in the Situation Rooms during the 2012 and 2014 conflicts with Hamas. Its main goal is to combat online antisemitism and fight the delegitimization of Israel. We do that by mobilizing our online community of activists from all over the world and making a positive influence on the international public opinion using crowdsourcing of online activism on social media platforms 

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Annual Internship Program

The Act-IL internship program provides its interns with effective, innovative, and practical tools for public diplomacy management in the 21st Century. The program inspires professional excellence and critical thinking. By combining interdisciplinary thinking with proactive online activism, the program equips interns with the tools needed to get hands-on experience in the fields of content creation, community mobilization and public diplomacy. Interns have the unique opportunity to apply skills learned throughout their academic studies at Reichman University and gain hands-on training and experience in strategic decision-making and digital content creation and distribution. 


Reichman University students can choose to take the internship for two academic credits (equivalent to an elective, and only if they have not previously completed an accredited internship), or as a non-credit internship.

  • Completing a thorough application process which includes an interview, home assignment and a group dynamics session

  • Commitment to a three-hour weekly shift or other professional activity in Act-IL

  • Completing the program’s training sessions

  • For the annual internship: taking part in an annual seminar


  • Annual interns gain two credits for their internship and additional two credits for workshops

  • Summer interns gain two credits for the internship. Credits will be given according to school policy

  • Annual interns will receive a scholarship

Internship period:

  • Annual internship: from the beginning of the academic year until the end of second semester’s exam period

  • Summer internship: 8-10 weeks during the summer, will be set individually with the applicants

  • Application date: To be published on campus

For inquiries contact us at:

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