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The Asia Policy Program

The leading knowledge base that shapes and supports Israel’s engagement with Asia in the 21st century, through innovative, evidence-based solutions for risks and opportunities presented by the Asian continent


Dr. Gedaliah Afterman

Head of Asia Policy program


Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

Asia is the focal point for many key global developments, which makes the diplomatic relations with Asia of critical importance to Israel’s short- and long-term goals.

The Israel-Asia Policy Program is focused on shaping and supporting Israel’s engagement with Asia in the 21st century by providing relevant knowledge and economic diplomacy guidelines, maintaining various communication channels, and forming strategic policies to develop the relationships with countries in the region. The program strives to provide Israel with innovative, evidence-based solutions for managing the risks and capitalizing on the opportunities of the Asian region.


Our team of experts collects and analyzes an extensive set of Asia-related data in several languages. The program works to assess the tactical and strategic implications of Asia’s rise, equip Israeli diplomacy to tackle cutting-edge challenges, and develop new ideas and areas for cooperation with Asia, all while taking into consideration current strategic relations with other countries around the world through a range of academic and policy-related initiatives.

These include the Institute’s Asia Leadership Program, which extends fellowships to outstanding young leaders from Asia, academic and media publications, policy recommendations and strategic dialogues with key Asian partners.

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• Crafting action-oriented strategic policies and exploring new approaches while assessing the implications of Israel’s Asia-related policy.

• Strengthening the relationshipsֿ with like-minded countries, providing dedicated strategies for managing the US-China diplomatic challenges, and commenting on evolving regional dynamics


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Focus Areas

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Serving as the go-to organization for knowledge and thought leadership on Israel-Asia relations


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Creating high-level, influential communication channels with our partners, to enable open discussions around issues of mutual interest


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The first-of-its-kind event, hosted by the Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at Reichman University on 16 March 2022, in cooperation with RCAST of the University of Tokyo, brought together high-level speakers from academia, government, and business in Israel, Japan, and the Gulf to discuss global and regional developments and ways in which trilateral cooperation, ranging from business and technology to infrastructure, could create new opportunities for countries in the region and assist in maintaining regional stability.


The conference saw a full house in-person attendance of more than 100 of the most relevant players in the Japan-Israel relationship including leading businesspeople, senior representatives of Japanese companies in Israel, government officials, academics and researchers, Ambassadors, and members of the international diplomatic community in Israel, as well as representatives of economic bodies, chamber of commerce and trade associations.

The event was also broadcast online to a wide audience in Israel, Japan, and the Gulf. The event also   featured as the closing event of the 2022 Israel month at Tokyo University.  


Main Projects

Eyes Towards Asia: Back to the future

This unique collaboration between The Arena Magazine and the Israel-Asia policy program is focused on international relations during and following the Corona outbreak, asking what other countries, including Israel, can learn from Asia as it is recovering from COVID-19.


The project provides a rare view at Asian societies as the countries in the region, which were the first to be affected by COVID-19, began to recover.


To learn more visit:

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Changing pardigms for israels foreign se

Israel-Asia Policy Track

This track focuses on informing and engaging policy and decision makers regarding developments and trends in Asia, as well as formulating policy recommendations for Israel’s engagement with the region.


The program has launched a cross-government dialogue about Israel’s engagement with Asia and submits regular policy recommendations to decision makers on a wide range of issues relating to the future of Israel-Asia relations.

Asia-Middle East Program

This program seeks to map and analyze Asian powers’ growing engagement in the Middle East and the implications that shifting dynamics carry for the region and for Israel.


A strong focus of our research aim is to analyze the deepening footprint between China and MENA countries, including under the auspices of the Chinese Government’s Belt and Road Initiative, and reflect on their current and potential impact on regional and global dynamics.

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Asian Technology and Innovation Program

Our science and technology track focuses on reviewing, analyzing and providing insights on Asian developments in technological fields such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthcare, and publish reports on innovation policies and regulations.

Asia Leadership Program

Engaging with outstanding young people from Asian countries lies at the core of the Institute’s vision and outreach to key global partners in order to strengthen Israel.


The Abba Eban Institute’s Asia leadership Program (ALP) is a one-of-a-kind program in Israel which aims to establish avenues for collaboration with outstanding young leaders from Asian countries.


The ALP five-month program combines applied leadership seminars and workshops conducted by leading Israeli experts. Focused on action-oriented policy, the program aims to create a strong, effective community that will become a hub for ongoing Israel-Asia engagement.

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Changing pardigms for israels foreign se

China’s Push for Technological and Innovative Self-Reliance

This track explores “Made in China 2025” and other Chinese government policies and strategies, examining their implementation and implications for China, Israel, and the China-US relationship.


Research topics include, for example, the advancement and regulation of AI and automation technologies.

Strategic Dialogues

The APP is establishing a series of strategic dialogues with relevant partners across Asia to discuss regional issues and new ideas for cooperation.


The project is focused on developing strategic partnerships with top-tier think tanks and leading universities which are focused on Asia and the Middle East, including collaborative programs, joint research and publications, seminars and conferences, and more.

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Asia-Israel Economic and Business Cooperation Program

Drawing on research and analysis of international best practices, government policies and by convening business roundtables, this program seeks to put forward policy recommendations and initiative proposals for both government and the business sector in order to further develop and strengthen Israel-Asia cooperation and investment activities.

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