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Abba Eban RoundTable: Japan & Israel

The Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations, together with the ‘Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology’ (RCAST), The University of Tokyo, recently hosted a special roundtable discussion titled "Between the Far East and the Middle East: Japan & Israel vis-à-vis the Superpower Competition and the Role of the United States".

The event, hosted keynote speaker, Prof Yoko Iwama, Director of the Strategic Studies Program; Director of Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo. Prof Iwama visited Israel as part of an initiative led by Japan’s Prime Minister’s Office. She was joined by Prof Yitzhak Shichor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Prof Satoshi Ikeuchi from RCAST.

The discussion was conducted under the Chatham House rules and explored Japan’s changing security policy amidst the superpower competition, the rise of China, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and their implications for global security in the Indo-Pacific, the Middle East and Israel. It tackled recent developments impacted by the war in Ukraine, global political changes and the constantly changing international security arena. The full house audience included government officials, senior academics, representatives of the private sector and members of the diplomatic community stationed in Israel.

The discussion was opened with greetings and comments from H.E. Amb. Mizushima, Ambassador of Japan to Israel and Goor Tsalalyachin, Executive Director of the Abba Eban Institute for Diplomacy and Foreign Relations.

This discussion is part of an ongoing long-term cooperation between the Abba Eban Institute, the Embassy of Japan in Israel and Japanese academia intended to enhance bilateral relations between the two countries and establish frameworks for multilateral regional and international collaborations.

Photos: Rami Sinai


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